Rich Man

Video by Matt Bennett

Alternate mix, audio only:

I am a rich man, I take what I want
From California, Pennsylvania, Vermont
I made a fortune in South African mines
Been round the world and slept with all kinds

Blow up the moon, stir up the stars
Ride on a rocket, take Venus and Mars
Silk stockings, high heels, and cigars
Ride on a rocket, take Venus and Mars

I am a rich man, I drink what I need
When I make war, it’s you who must bleed
Why should I worry when I poison the sky
I won’t be breathing any air when I die


I am a rich man, I dance when I please
You see me comin’, better get on your knees
I own the sun, I own the birds in the trees,
Purple mountains, green valleys, blue seas


I’ll tell you something every senator knows
I use their hair and their skin for my clothes
I take their mistresses, their kids and their wives
Cut out their hearts and eat ’em alive


I am a rich man, it’s what I deserve
You want to stop me but you ain’t got the nerve
You save the whales and you drink your green tea,
But deep inside you want to be me



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