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[These songs were recorded in Blue Ash, Ohio, between 2007 and 2010 and released in 2011.]

“We are like Plato’s slave boy,
We hear the echo of a music we seem to have always known, somewhere far below the waves of oblivion that have covered it over.”
—Peter Craven

This collection of songs is for Minsun Kim, who, in one way or another, inspired all of it
…and more.

The Dry Bed String Band
Mike Roos: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Rocco Bernardini: bass, backing vocals
Hercules Hagedorn: drums, percussion
Jacques Barniers: banjo, jaw harp
Joey K: mandolin, ukelele, backing vocals
Billy (The Kid) Beaumont: dobro

Special Guest
Pancho Villacruz: electric lap slide

Produced by Mike Roos

1. When He Was Young
2. New Orleans
3. Holy Slow Train
4. Blacksburg
5. Jesus Forgot
6. Plato’s Slave Boy
7. Christmas in the Islands
8. I Like the Buddha
9. Whisky Kid
10. Little Blue Ball
11. Ballad of Gregory Gregory
12. Still Flowing Water
13. Asian Princess

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Roos
Sleeping Dog Records

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