Appendix C: 1948 Illustrations

List of Illustrations for 1948 Edition of A Farewell to Arms

All drawings are monochrome water colors by Daniel Rasmusson.

  1. Chapter 1, page 2 (full page):Presumably a uniformed Frederic Henry, with his back to us, is sitting on the porch of a house, with his boots propped on the porch railing, as he holds a glass of wine in his left hand and looks out through some trees on a landscape of mountains.


  1. Chapter 2, page 9 (half page):Officers in the mess. The lieutenant, Rinaldi, is speaking and gesticulating with his hands, with the priest in the center listening and Frederic with his back to us.


  1. Chapter 4, page 21 (full page):Frederic is sitting with Catherine in the garden, holding his hat in his two hands. Catherine’s hair is covered by a nurse’s headdress, and she holds a long rattan stick in in her right hand that looks more like a real riding crop than a toy. In the background, Rinaldi is with Helen Ferguson.


  1. Chapter 9, page 61 (full page): The scene of Frederic’s wounding. Two men lie wounded, one face down in the foreground and another further away on his back.  Further back, two men carry a wounded man.


  1. Chapter 12, page 83 (half page):Rinaldi and the major visit Frederic in the field hospital. They each hold a glass aloft in salute as Frederic sips from a glass in his bed, with his head bandaged.


  1. Chapter 13, p. 93 (half page):In profile, Frederic lies alone in his hospital room in Milan with the doors open onto a balcony and a potted plant. His head is still bandaged, and his hands are clasped on his chest, as he seems deep in thought.


  1. Chapter 14, p. 99 (full page):Catherine is reunited with Frederic in the hospital. Again we see only the back of his head as he seems to be trying to lift himself to greet her as she bends over him, her face in shadow.


  1. Chapter 14, p. 101 (half page):In profile, Catherine is kissing Frederic, her left hand touching the side of his head. Frederic’s right arm is wrapped around her back.  Catherine is still in her nursing uniform with headdress.


  1. Chapter 15, p. 105 (full page):Catherine, in nursing uniform, sits on the edge of Frederic’s bed as he sits halfway up, resting on his left elbow.She holds his left hand with her left hand.  Strangely, in her right hand, she still seems to be holding the rattan stick. Frederic’s head is no longer bandaged.


  1. Chapter 16, p. 112 (half page): A large silhouette of a bat is seen through the window over the railing of the balcony, presumably outside Frederic’s hospital room.In the distance, beyond some tiled rooftops, is the steeple of a church with a cross.


  1. Chapter 18, p. 125 (full page):Frederic, now in his uniform, though hatless, sits with Catherine, who is wearing her nursing uniform and headdress, in a café. Frederic leans back on the rear two legs of his chair, with a bottle and a glass beside him on the floor.  They are both looking out of a window onto the city, which seems enveloped in darkness.


  1. Chapter 18, p. 128 (half page):Frederic and Catherine are shown from the rear in a horse drawn carriage, with the back of a driver and the horse.


  1. Chapter 20, p. 143 (half page):Frederic and Catherine are shown at the race track, from the right rear, both in uniform with hat and headdress.Frederic’s right leg is crossed over his knee, as they look at horses and jockeys riding by.


  1. Chapter 24, p. 173 (half page): We see Frederic from the rear, in his uniform and hat, saying goodbye to Catherine, who peers out at him from the window of an enclosed carriage.


  1. Chapter 25, p. 178 (full page):The mustachioed Lieutenant Rinaldi, sitting, in uniform, hatless with a glass of wine in his left hand, looking downward, seeming melancholy. This is the only illustration that is captioned in the book, with just the word “Rinaldi.”


  1. Chapter 25, p. 183 (half page):Frederic and Rinaldi, sitting on a bed next to each other, facing us. Both are in uniform and hatless.  Frederic leans toward Rinaldi, holding a bottle almost horizontal in his right hand as if he is about to pour some or is pointing at something with it.  Rinaldi is looking away, contemplatively, resting his elbows on his knees and holding a glass in his two hands between his legs.


  1. Chapter 28, p. 215 (half page):Viewed from the rear, soldiers are marching with rifles and bedrolls slung across their backs.


  1. Chapter 29, p. 225 (half page):The two young virgin refugees sit huddled on the front seat of the ambulance next to Aymo, who is looking at them as his left hand rests on the steering wheel. Both girls wear scarves, and the older one, sitting next to Aymo, clutches hers with both hands at her throat.


  1. Chapter 30, p. 231 (half page):Four helmeted Italian soldiers, presumably Frederic Henry and his drivers, are huddled against an embankment below a railroad track, as one of them crawls up to peer over the embankment.


  1. Chapter 30, p. 241 (half page):Viewed from behind, four helmeted Italian soldiers, with backpacks and rifles, stand next to an ambulance that seems to be bogged down in a ditch.


  1. Chapter 30, p. 247 (full page):A soldier, presumably Frederic Henry, looks darkly at the backs of two officers, one with hand raised and another with his hands locked behind his back. Frederic seems to have his hands bound behind him.  Further back, in the darkness, there seems to be a line of men.


  1. Chapter 31, p. 253 (half page):We see the back of a soldier, seemingly standing between two railroad cars, looking down on a helmeted soldier who is looking away.


  1. Chapter 33, p. 260 (half page):Frederic in silhouette is sitting hatless in a café holding a nearly full glass of some beverage while a man sitting with him speaks, with a cigarette in his mouth and a glass of wine on the table.


  1. Chapter 34, p. 271 (full page):Frederic in silhouette stands over Catherine, shown for the first time in civilian clothing without headdress, as she sits in a restaurant with Helen Ferguson, who looks unhappily at Frederic.Catherine, expressionless, reaches for Frederic with her two hands.


  1. Chapter 37, page 299 (full page):Viewed from behind, Frederic and Catherine in the rowboat on Lake Maggiore. Catherine sits in the stern, with her back to us, as Frederic strains to row, facing us.  His face is totally dark, but his hands are visible on the handles of the two oars.


  1. Chapter 39, page 331 (half page):Catherine is standing outside in the middle of a grove of pine trees, with Frederic’s shoulder just visible behind her.She is wearing a fur trimmed hooded coat, with the hood up over her hair, but her face is fully exposed.  She looks straight ahead seriously, with her seemingly bare hands clasped in front of her.


  1. Chapter 41, page 353 (full page):We see Frederic from the back sitting as he watches a nurse and a tall man wheeling Catherine on a bed into a room at the hospital. Frederic leans forward intently, with his hands clasped as if in prayer.  We can see enough of the side of his face to tell that he is bearded.


  1. Chapter 41, page 362 (half page):Frederic is in grief over Catherine’s dead body. Her eyes are closed, her hair draped over his left arm, which wraps around her head. We see only the top of Frederic’s head, which is buried in Catherine’s right shoulder and the right side of her face. His right hand rests on top of her hand on her chest.