I’m Gonna Miss You Too

The original version of this song goes back to 1978 or ’79. I gave it a rewrite in 2008 and recorded this demo in 2009.

It’s hard to believe
How much we deceive
We been drowning in the stream of our own lies
Walls never speak
And the heart is too weak
To lift the veil of paranoia from our eyes
But I could really feel the heat
When the flame was burning strong
It burned a hole right through my brain
And I let it burn too long
I shoulda held you fast
But now the time has passed
If only you had asked,
But, honey, who knew?
I’m gonna miss you too.

That man with whom you lived
Had nothing left to give
He clung to his faith but he was dying in despair
All he talked about
Was bitterness and doubt
Can you pick up the pieces when your soul’s in such disrepair?
He thought that you could free him
When you yourself were chained
So he choked on his own anger
As he put you on that train
To nowhere, rolling slow,
Through a valley filled with snow
Is there anyone that knows
What’s truly true?
I’m gonna miss you too.

I’ve known you now for years
Through the heartaches and the fears
But I never really looked deep into your eyes
And I hate myself at times
For all the nickels and the dimes
A man must hide his face whenever he cries.
So now that you’ll be going
I’ll crawl back down my well
You think our paths might cross again?
Well, honey, what the hell?
Now just leave without a sound
And you best not turn around
Cause I’ll be underground
If you do
I’m gonna miss you too

(Revised 2/1/08)
Copyright © 2017 by Michael Kim Roos