The End (Joe Hill)

Last night I saw Joe Hill,
Locked up in chains, he was bloodied and bowed
He’d lost his strength and his will
He couldn’t speak, he was wrapped in a shroud
We used to be undaunted
We took all we wanted
We used to think we would win
But aw, honey, we’ve come to the end

When we were restless and bold
We lit each other with the fires of hope
But now the flames have gone cold
You couldn’t see ‘em with a microscope
Whoever wrote this story
Left out the guts and glory,
There’s nothing here to defend
Aw, honey, we’ve come to the end

We were too tranquilized
To ever recognize
The warning bell
We ran in troubled water
Sailing straight for slaughter
But all was well, aw hell

Morning has come
The fog is dense but I’ll be driving on through
I hope you think of me some
Just half as much as I’ll be thinking of you
It really doesn’t matter,
These dreams were made to shatter
I ain’t got much left to spend
Aw, honey, we’ve come to the end

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