Bridge to Beyond



You were sickling, nearly broken
Regretting words you’d left unspoken
To be forgiven in the darkness before the dawn
While you were whispering, she was sighing
She was listening while you were crying
And she held you as you crossed the bridge to beyond

In the dimness of the past,
Our destiny, it was cast
And we crawled out from the slime of Darwin’s pond
So the planets spin around
And the mountains tumble down
As we get closer to crossing the bridge to beyond

When there’s gunshots in the night
You wake up and reach for the light
And discover that your mother’s long gone

On this highway through hollow land
Build an oasis in the sand
And then give shelter to the homeless vagabond
Feed the hungry, clothe the cold
Open your arms, the babies to hold
And walk on bravely as we cross the bridge to beyond

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