Caporetto (Kobarid)

All photos copyright © 2018 by Michael Kim Roos. All rights reserved. If you wish to download or use any of these photos, please contact me for permission.


The Isonzo valley at Caporetto. Northwest is to the left, southeast to the right.


The campanile at Caporetto.


Another shot of the Caporetto campanile.


The Italian Charnel House built around the Church of St. Francis on a hill overlooking Caporetto. The next photo explains.


This explains the previous photo.


The World War I Museum at Caporetto. Excellent.


Part one of Hemingway display in the Caporetto Museum. Hemingway never visited Caporetto. He wrote about it through extensive historical research.


Part Two of the Hemingway display at the Caporetto Museum. At the top are reproductions of three pages from the Farewell to Arms holograph manuscript: (l-r) the ending, a page from Book Three, and the beginning.

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