Monte Santo, Fiume Torre, Udine

All photos copyright © 2018 by Michael Kim Roos. All rights reserved. If you wish to download or use any of these photos, please contact me for permission.


One of many chestnut trees on Monte Santo near Gorizia (as described in Ch. 1).


One of the Austrian tunnels dug into Monte Santo for defense. Similar tunnels honeycombed Monte San Gabriele.


I believe the pock marks on the side of this building were from gunfire during the battle for Monte Santo.


Carving on a stone atop Monte Santo by Italian soldiers when they captured the mountain during the 11th Battle of the Isonzo in August 1917. In English, the carving reads: “Hurray! Red on top of this mountain. It is the dawn.”


Another stone carved by conquering Italians atop Monte Santo. Translation: “To the infantrymen of Italy. The name of the mountain was an omen and command of the miracle to be accomplished.”


Standing on the dry bed of the Fiume Torre near Buttrio, looking north toward the railroad bridge crossed by Frederic Henry and his men during the Caporetto Retreat.


The Udine town square on a very hot day, with temperatures in high 90s.

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