Apocalyptic Blues

I need ya, babe, like it’s my very last night
It’s now or never, girl, the future ain’t bright
I wanna kiss ya, I wanna blow off your shoes
Too late for heroes, but I’ll be your man
I’ll be the leader of your cemetery clan
Help me cure these apocalyptic blues

I want ya, honey, can’t be no doubt
Something’s burning, baby, don’t shut me out
My hands are empty, I paid the devil his dues
A storm’s coming, and it’s coming real soon
Won’t be nothing left, I’ll be the man in the moon
Help me sing these apocalyptic blues

The world is crumblin’, honey, all that you see
It ain’t no secret, you got nothing but me
Remember Frisco, darlin’, shake it and howl
Be a wildcat, baby, we be ready to growl
Come on!

Don’t desert me, honey, don’t be afraid
The president is crazy but my debts are paid
Everybody sayin’ that we got nothing to lose
Forget the dishes, honey, can’t cut no grass
Make me your monkey, babe, I ain’t made of brass
Ride on down through these apocalyptic blues

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