For You


I’ve been so busy, girl, and I’ve been away.
All our plans turned into yesterdays.
I almost let you slip right through.
But all that travelin’ is a thing of the past.
I’m here to love you and to make it last.
Tonight I’m just gonna sing for you.

I’ve been running through some parts unknown.
I’ve spent nights with hearts of stone.
I know my time is overdue.
But i’m hopin’ you’ll turn back the clock.
Don’t tell me that your heart is locked.
Tonight I’m just gonna sing for you.

Tonight I’m just gonna sing for you,
And I’ll do anything that you want me to.
Pull the shade, honey, turn out the light.
We’re gonna do it till we do it right,
’Cause tonight I’m just gonna sing for you.

A long time ago, we set this torch ablaze,
And I’ve kept it burning through the night.
The world outside is a cold and lonely maze,
But stick with me, and we’ll be all right.

Fill the night with our sounds of love.
Do everything we been dreaming of.
I’ll do you and you can do me too.
I’ll be yours and, baby, you’ll be mine.
We’ll make love, and, honey, we’ll be fine,
’Cause tonight i’m just gonna sing for you.


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