Ghosts! I see ghosts!
Ghosts! I see ghosts!

You went to sleep beside me
I woke up and you were gone
Your perfume on the pillow
That you were sleeping on.
I fixed myself some coffee
And I fell back into bed
And there you were beside me
Was it real or in my head?


How can I convince myself
That you’ll be back no more?
I see your books upon my shelf
And your bloodspots on the floor
I hear your voice in every room
Your footsteps in the hall
I see your clothing next to mine
And your shadow on my wall


I hear your crazy singing
I hear your ghostly moan
I almost think you’re with me
But I know I’m just alone

I look into the mirror
I blink and see your face
I take a drink of something sweet
But it’s only you I taste
Everything we’ve said or done,
My life is all unhinged
Your spirit haunts me day and night
Obsession’s cold revenge


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