Whisky Kid

Everywhere you look there’s water
And there ain’t a drop to drink.
Ain’t seen my youngest daughter
Been two long years now, I think.

Doctor says this cancer
Is eating up my brain.
I used to be a dancer.
You shoulda seen me naked in the rain.

Sure wish I had religion
The way my daddy did,
Some kinda crazy mission.
But I’m a whisky kid.
Yeah, I’m a whisky kid.

Nights just make me shiver.
My dog he disappeared
Somewhere down by that lonesome river.
Those clouds just look weird.

Mary was my first wife.
We were just too young.
Sally was my last wife.
We were too far flung.

Ah, but that night in Montreal, we got hairy.
Hell, we swore we’d be so goddamned rich.
Was it Sally, or was it Mary?
I can’t remember which.
Funny, I can’t remember which.

The water’s kinda muddy.
Can’t see the bottom now.
Kinda reminds me of my old buddy.
Now where the heck did he get to anyhow?

Think I’ll plant a flower.
Sit here and watch it grow.
Some fool once said life is just an hour.
Hell, what does he know?

Jerry left his brains in southern China.
Half of Bobby’s somewheres in Iraq.
Some place on the sun-kissed coast of Carolina
I could swear I made love once.

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