I Like the Buddha

I woke up this morning.
There was monkeys in my brain.
My true love found another
And she left me in the rain.
I was planning for the future
And a-runnin from the past,
But I thanked her for the lesson,
There ain’t nothing ever lasts.

I like the Buddha.
He’s such a peaceful dude.
He keeps away from women,
And he eats the right kind of food.
Just keep on down that eightfold path,
And learn them noble truths,
And if you like the Buddha
You might get enlightened too.

I owned all that I could want,
Cause everything was mine.
I had three wives and a Cadillac
And a cellar filled with wine.
That man inside the mirror, boys,
Was a-grinnin right back at me.
He had a gold tooth and a mustache.
What more could one man be?


Now I’m sitting on my cushion, friend,
So calm in the midst of noise.
I try not to remember when
I was running with the boys.
Life is full of suffering,
And I’ve had me a chunk.
I’m a-thinking I might shave my head
And be a bhikkhu or a monk.


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