Christmas in the Islands


Christmas in the islands,
Everybody’s in the palm tree grove,
Picking coconuts and singing songs as they go,
Picking one to give to San Miguel,
Rosalita and Emmanuel,
On the beaches where the sea foam fell like snow.

Christmas in the islands,
Everybody got a big surprise.
Everybody got a coconut and some love.
When you’re giving all there is to give,
When you’re living all there is to live,
Everything is just what it is and that’s enough.

See the children in their mothers’ arms,
Warm wind flowing through their hair.
See the fishing boats in God’s lagoon,
Floating on air.

Christmas in the islands,
Build a castle with your two bare hands,
Let the ocean wash it all away in a while.
See the sunset on a golden sea,
See the secrets of infinity,
Sitting underneath a coconut tree with a smile.

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