Believe in Me


Believe in me, be just a little bold.
Believe in me, my love is made of gold.
The moon is a slipper of silver
Dancing on a crystal sea.
There’s an ocean filled with pearls
If you believe in me.

Trust in me, my love will never die.
Trust in me, I’ll never say good-bye.
Some things never perish.
They just live eternally.
There’s a sky that’s filled with diamonds
If you trust in me.

I’ll find my way through a hall of mirrors,
Keep my balance walking on a wire.
I will solve any joker’s riddle
And survive any trial by fire.

Have faith in me, you know I’ve been around.
Have faith in me, I’ll never let you down.
The past is a cold illusion,
But the future is warm and free.
There’s a timeless world of love
If you have faith in me.

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