Ship of Fools

This page is an experiment: a collection of new songs on an apocalyptic theme—a work in progress that I want to share as it develops. The list of songs may grow, shrink, or change, and the lyrics and music are likely to change too. Any feedback you’d like to provide would be more than appreciated. Who knows when I may call this finished? The opportunity to work on it, for the time being, is sporadic. My musical creativity has always occurred in spurts anyway. Let’s see how it goes.

One Last Thrill
Not Good Enough
Richard, Samuel, and James
My Love Will Be Shining On You
Lotus Land
If I Was As Enlightened As You
Ticky Tacky
Apocalyptic Blues
Rich Man
Ship of Fools
Edge of the Abyss
Bridge to Beyond
City of Flesh
Construction Crew
Family Matters
Ivory Coast
James Joyce Refused to Kneel
Setting Fire to Saint Joan
The Sinner is the Saint
Just a Nightmare
The End (Joe Hill)


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