Dark and Scarlet Moon

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(For John McCain)

Seems like all is ashes, dust, and sadness
Whatever’s on the stove is way past done
All the minions marching to the madness
Whatever’s good and true is on the run
Masked men with machine guns in the garden
A pirate ship at bay in the lagoon
Desperate people praying for a pardon
Underneath a dark and scarlet moon

Another day, another hero fallen,
Who is there to stand among the brave?
Who is there to hear the wounded calling?
Who will lay a wreath upon the grave?
Someone sang a hymn so wise and truthful
I’d sing it but I can’t recall the tune
Everybody busy looking youthful
Underneath a dark and scarlet moon

Somewhere there’s a child so warm and tender
Wrapped up in her mother’s loving arms
Somewhere there’s someone who won’t surrender
To the power and the greed and false alarms
The Midnight Special standing at the station
Conductor say it leaving here real soon
Must be some way out of this damnation
Underneath a dark and scarlet moon


Copyright © 2018 by Michael Kim Roos

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