Fuel to the Flame


The spark began to flicker
Just before you spoke.
I could see it rise just behind your eyes
Before I smelled the smoke.

So don’t add fuel to the flame, girl.
Honey, don’t mess around.
Don’t add fuel to the flame, girl,
Or you’ll burn this old house down.

I don’t know where it started,
The basement or the roof.
But I suspect this fire was set,
And I think I got the proof.


Be careful what you say, girl.
Say exactly what you mean.
When you breathe in my direction,
oh, It smells like gasoline.

It’s been burning in the kitchen,
Been burning in the bed.
Up and down the halls, it’s behind the walls,
And it’s burning in my head.


Be careful what you do, child.
Honey, try to be real good.
Every time you stumble,
Oh, you spill some lighter fluid.

The firemen are all sleeping,
And the water line is broke.
This living room is soaked with fumes,
And I think I’m going to choke.

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