There’s thunder in the dawn
Must be a battle going on
And I reach out to touch your face
Lightning rips the air
Big machinery everywhere
Cut flowers in the vase

We are allies, you and I,
We are allies, never die,
We are allies, and we will not fail

People shouting in the street
Passing out beneath the heat
But here cool waters run
The neighbors lock the door
Put their money in the floor
But here we need no gun


In the city live the men that the party recruits
With their bullet proof vests ’neath their pinstripe suits
Yeah, they stomp through the town in their big black boots
And they leave the dead in their wake

Each day I hear it more
It’s a world prepared for war
And beauty holds on by a thread
But I will be with you
One is not as good as two
And we’ll fight death till he’s dead


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