Like a Barracuda


There’s a hot wind blowing through this town tonight.
And the thunder in the distance blew the lights.
I hear the sound of lovers on the dock,
The murmurings of things I can’t unlock.

I’m gonna cut the cords and let my flags blow free.
Set my sails and head out for the sea.
Been hungry for so long without relief,
Gonna live like a barracuda on a coral reef.

When we stumble do we learn from our mistake?
Or do we throw our hearts at love until they break?
We think we know the reasons why we fall,
But life remains a mystery to us all.


Don’t lock yourself away in indecision.
No one wants to bother with your tears.
Cast away your doubts and superstitions.
No one else can kill your fears.
Were you really gonna wait another ten years?

Don’t ask me why I’ve waited for so long.
When you’re driftin’ down you can’t tell right from wrong.
But now’s the time to leave the past behind,
So I’ll step out in the world and claim what’s mine.


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