She’ll Be Trouble


It’ll happen now and then,
When nothing’s makin’ sense
When you really think it’s magic
And the feeling’s so intense
Yes, I know I shoulda listened
When my friends gave me advice
I got to gambling with a woman
And I let her roll the dice

They said: “She’ll be trouble.”
They said: “She’ll be trouble.”
They said: “She’ll be trouble.
You’re walking right into the maze.”

Well, they must’ve know the difference
They could see it in my face
I was talking to the shadows
In every public place
And there’s no greater danger
You cheat yourself and lie
You betray yourself to strangers
And it makes you wanna die


On a warm enchanted evening
On a New York City street
There are prostitutes in doorways
And the pimp’s out on the beat
You can buy it with your money
Or you can steal away your love
Either way you come up empty
And you never get enough


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