Ship of Fools

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Video produced with Matt Bennett

Early Demo Version

Captain, won’t you tell me, can’t you tell me are we going down?
Starbuck’s got the scurvy, last night we watched the cabin boy drown.
Been sailing now for three years and you know we really miss our girls.
You promised we’d be rich men, you promised we’d get bags full of pearls.

Can you tell me why
There ain’t a star in the sky?
Is this end of the world?

We left the Port of Happiness and followed all the trade winds east.
Been gone so long I can’t recall the land where I was born in the least.
There’s a blackness on the water and an albatross has got your hair.
You tell us not to lose our faith or let go of the power of prayer.

It’s all a disguise.
We’re sick of your lies.
We got no faith left to spare.

We did all that you asked of us. Your every call we duly obeyed.
We trusted you to lead us, but now you’ve left us lost and betrayed.
We’re short on food or water. We even ate the soles of our shoes.
You tell us we can feed upon the dead, but that we vow to refuse!

So when you breathe your last,
As you hang from the mast,
We’ll feed the sharks with you.

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