Plato’s Slave Boy

When they murdered JFK
We went to church to pray
We waited for an answer and
We’re waiting still today
It all was going well
Until the towers fell
They sent their praise to heaven
And they sent us all to hell

The shadows in the cave
Played tricks on Plato’s slave
He cursed because his master
Took his secrets to the grave
So hoist a pint of beer
Life is full of cheer
But if you got a ticket
Can you get me out of here?

Moses raised his hand
To help us understand
But the Lord refused him entrance
Into the Promised Land
Confucius was no fool
He taught the Golden Rule
Yet kings and khans and warriors
Know it’s better to be cruel


Mohammed and his wives
Lived consecrated lives
But couldn’t teach their children
How not to play with knives
We knew how much we lost
When we nailed him to the cross
He had some more to tell us
But he couldn’t get across


Just before he spoke
Zarathustra choked
Somebody heard him mumble
“It’s all a dirty joke”
The Buddha was so wise
He never told us lies
But at times his only answer
Was the silence in his eyes


Instrumental Verse and Chorus

Backs against the wall
We struggle to recall
Something that was whispered
Just before we took the fall
The road is long and steep
But, darlin’, don’t you weep
Here’s a blanket and a pillow
It’s time to go to sleep

Repeat Chorus

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