Stay Alive


Demo acoustic version 2012

(Revised 6/3/19)

Many days you walk alone
Through the dust and the valley of stone,
Your bleeding heart and your broken bones
That are needing to be mended.
Dark dreams in the haunted night
Beat you down till you fold in fright.
Just remember in the morning light
Even bad men are befriended.

Stay alive, boy, stay alive
Stay alive, boy, stay alive
Stay alive, boy, stay alive
’Cause you may see her again

Do you recall it was ’63?
You roamed the fields and you felt so free
But now you’re lost on the open sea
Of regret and you’re filled with sorrow.
She watched you go on the southbound train.
You let her fade into the autumn rain
But what’s been lost may be regained
If you hang on till tomorrow.


Ten thousand miles you’ve carried this promise.
She said she’d never forget, and maybe she won’t.
If you don’t get lost, if you don’t lose your compass,
You might meet in the heat of a waterfront street,
But don’t be destroyed if you don’t.

People come and people go
From up above and down below.
It’s just the way that the rivers flow,
And the past can’t be repeated.
The world can look like a barren land,
So hard to move in the shifting sand,
So difficult to understand
And so easy to be defeated.



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